Sunday, March 18, 2012

Great Openings

Wow, how time gets away from you!  We have been working on "all about animal books" for our expository unit in writing.  When it came time to choose an opening we really struggled to find openings that would grab the reader's attention.  So we decided to take a day to re-teach great openings for writing.  The children brainstormed great openers, thinking about what they would like to read about and we connected this to great food.  It sounds sort of funny at first, but they really know what the like to eat, so we had them think about food they would open up and take a bite of.   Then, we had each of them go back to their opening for their stories and find the one that would make readers want to open their easy and read it.  Once they picked the best opener they wrote it on a circle to represent an open mouth.  They then used a white circle to make their face and glued a small white circle that they wrote the opening on, to their face.  We only glued the top of the circle because underneath we wrote what happened next in our  story.  They turned out to be pretty cute and now the children always refer to them when we talk about what a great opening should sound like!

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