Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fraction Flowers

In honor of spring we made some fraction flowers.  As the end of the year approaches we have been reviewing many of our math skills.  Fractions happens to be one of our favorite topics to create learning centers for and practice activities.   This idea came from Ed Emberley's Picture Pie book.

The children used circle templates (the inside of a masking tape roll works great as a tracer) to make the number of circles they wanted to use on white paper.  Next, they colored the circles their favorite colors.  Then, they folded their circles into halves, fourths, or eights to make equal parts.  You might have to do a mini-lesson on folding.  They cut the circles on the fold lines to get their fractional pieces.  On a white background, they laid out their pieces to make a fraction flower and then glued their pieces in place. On the back of the paper they had to write the fraction for each flower (1/9 blue, 2/9 pink).  I think they turned out to be pretty cute!  I was thinking that they could also be used for a Mother's Day card.  


  1. Hi Julie and Olivia,

    What a great idea! I am very happy to be the first person following your blog and am also following you on TpT! It is a wonderful age in teaching where teachers from all around the world can share ideas! As you left on a comment on my blog, if you would like my Place Value Bingo for free please email me at aahislop963@gmail.com and I will happily email it back!

    Good luck and I look forward to seeing more posts!


  2. Hi! I love the Picture Pie book. Here's a suggestion for making circles. Use round coffee filters. I iron them, several at a time. I use them for teaching angles as well. See my posting for January 18, 2012 if you want more ideas. Happy blogging!


  3. I love this! Y'alls blog is wonderful and I am happy to be the newest follower! =)

    I would love for y'all to come visit me when you get the chance. =)

    We will be making some fraction flowers this week!

    Heather's Heart